Half-Marathon: Completed

  My beautiful parents and I after I crossed the finish line of my first 13.1 race. It feels so good, almost too good. But there ain’t no rest for the wicked; I have a ton of homework and lots of finals to prepare for, so I will be back with the race recap a … Continue reading


13.1 miles in 2:11:39 I did it, we did it; hugs and some held back tears at the finish line. I found Christina at mile 10 and it was a God-send because my morale & my legs were failing me. At around mile 11 and 12 people started dropping like flies. At mile 13.1, all … Continue reading

Pre-Race Jitters & My First Half Marathon

Back in August, (maybe it was September?) we started this blog as a way to document our journey to our first half marathon. I’m not sure when it all started, our new-found love for running, but we were hooked when we completed the Illinois Marathon Relay last year. I’ve pretty much taken over the blog … Continue reading

Pictures, Updates, & a Karma Cleanse

Not one, but TWO separate bouquets I got from two different tumblers this past weekend for the second Tumble Show at the Park district. So great! One of the bouquets was from Bella and her family. I love this little girl with my whole heart. She’s been struggling with being adopted and feeling out of … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Birth Control

If you don’t like reading about menstrual related business- skip this post ūüėȬ† ———– After what seemed like the baby-craze in the blog-world (almost every single blogger that I follow(ed) was having a baby, had a baby, was trying to have a baby, etc) I started to raise my eyebrows about my birth control. A … Continue reading

Whey-ing My Protein Options (Ha!)

I wrote this post last week and forgot to post it- woops- so here it is: Intuitively, I am doubting my RMR. I don’t know why, but I just feel like something went wrong. I know, SHUT UP ABOUT MY FUCKING RMR ALREADY. But no.‚Ä® How am I burning almost double the amount of a … Continue reading

Tricky, Little Bitch

I’m waiting for my food to digest before I head out to do a speed workout… The past couple of days I have been extremely frustrated with my body and my eating- and then it hit me this morning- I am PMSing. (Sorry, dudes.) For all of you ladies out there- I seriously sometimes forget … Continue reading

Waiting For My Garmin To Charge..

I somehow convinced Yessenia to run with me today. Actually, not really but a series of events lead up to her being willing to accompany me. Right now I’m waiting for my Garmin to have enough battery to last thru the run. While I’m waiting.. here’s an update: I got my body composition checked on … Continue reading


I just did a rough estimate of how many calories I ate yesterday… (In case you missed it, click here and here to read about my personal metabolic discovery and why I need to shovel food into my face in order to lose weight.) and I know that this isn’t exactly accurate, BUT according to … Continue reading