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Let’s Talk About Birth Control

If you don’t like reading about menstrual related business- skip this post 😉  ———– After what seemed like the baby-craze in the blog-world (almost every single blogger that I follow(ed) was having a baby, had a baby, was trying to have a baby, etc) I started to raise my eyebrows about my birth control. A … Continue reading

Whey-ing My Protein Options (Ha!)

I wrote this post last week and forgot to post it- woops- so here it is: Intuitively, I am doubting my RMR. I don’t know why, but I just feel like something went wrong. I know, SHUT UP ABOUT MY FUCKING RMR ALREADY. But no.
 How am I burning almost double the amount of a … Continue reading

Growing Pains

Ever get a vacation and then need a vacation from your vacation? Yeah, that. But then you know that you have so much to do, that if you actually got the time off- you’d just be busy catching up on stuff that you haven’t been able to do because you’re always so busy…yeah, THAT. Such … Continue reading

“The Petite Advantage Diet”

Happy first official day of winter and Happy Birthday to me!! Turning one year older brings me some serious anxiety- but I’ll talk more about that later. ————————– For now, I want to vent about something I just saw on TV. One of my guilty pleasures is watching The View on ABC on most mornings. … Continue reading

Green Bay Packers, IBS, and Eating Habits

One of my Xmas presents to Stephen this year was tickets to a Packers game! Now, I’m a Bears fan through and through- born and raised in Chicago (actually in Brookfield, but if you’re not from Chicago, you’d never know the difference.) I’m not going to lie though, seeing the 2011 Super Bowl Champs during … Continue reading

Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series

Whenever my body decides to comply with my mind and functions as one entity instead of two is usually when I start to love running. Most things are usually easier that way- there’s nothing worse than an argument between your mind and your body, and it leaves you feeling like a crazy person. Body: “I’m … Continue reading