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Take My Own Advice

On paper, I have a pretty open schedule with lots of free time. In reality? Not so much. I’m doing a good job of being as productive as possible: I cook all of my meals (or most of them) for the week on any given day when I have enough time to have four burner … Continue reading

Hello Again!

Oh my goodness! Well, I survived Europe! It was exhausting, exciting, and definitely a trip I’ll never forget. Australia still remains to be the time of my life though! Being so far removed from my daily routines makes it tricky to keep track of how much exercise I’m getting and the amount of food I’m … Continue reading

Dream Job

I’m not even really sure that this past week even existed to me. I don’t know how to explain it but everything this week was a complete blur from Monday until now. I don’t even really know what happened this week- time just kind of came and went and I was just kind of floating … Continue reading

Muscle Confusion

I am wonderfully sore this morning, and I’m LOVING it. When I was in Australia this summer, my friends and I made lists of our type 5 favorite feelings. I’ll share the appropriate ones 😉 -Being sore after a good workout!! -Eating and being full, burping, and realizing you have more room to continue eating. … Continue reading

How to Almost Puke at the Gym

How to almost puke at the gym: Drink a large coffee @ noon. Eat 2 eggs, 2 tortillas, and 1/2 an Avocado, and salsa at 1:45pm. Tie up shoes and head out the door to run @ 2pm with assignment to turn in, in hand. Stop running around 2:10 to turn in assignment, realize your … Continue reading