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Running Like a Spring Chicken

It just has not been my time in internet-land for these past 24 hours. Long story short, upon trying to submit my 200-point, 2 hour final online last night, the internet cut out, forcing me to get into an email argument with the professor and having to take it again. Taking it a second time … Continue reading

What I’m Loving Lately

I wish I wasn’t so technologically challenged so that I could figure out how to upload the Daily Mile widget to this site… that’ll have to wait for another day because Yessenia has a bunch of finals this week. I have a bunch of finals too, but I’ve lost any and all motivation to continue … Continue reading

remember me?

I haven’t written in ages (mid-September) so I almost feel like I¬†shouldn’t write at all…FEEL…but I am. Notable things that have accorded since last posting: The Biggest Loser came back into my life. Inspirational as always. I love Bob and miss Jillian, but welcome Dolvett and Anna. Don’t miss an episode…except of course last weeks … Continue reading

Bat-Shit Crazy.

Some of my favorite sisters ran a race this morning! I’ll let one of them fill you in on the story, as I was just a spectator/photographer. It was nice to be up early this morning. The sun was shining and it was great running weather. And you know me, seeing people run inspires me. … Continue reading

races, paces, and places

a 26 min 5k. That is how fast (or slow depending on your perspective) Mayra and I ran the KSA (Kinesiology¬†Student Association) 5K race last Sunday. Needless to say, I will never look at the quad the same way. We pushed through two laps of the main quad and the south quad for a total … Continue reading