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interval i hate/love you

Yesterday was a slow day. By slow, i mean for the first time in a long time I woke up at 11am. I’m not really sure how I feel about waking up that late (actually, i know i don’t like it), but I know it was necessary. * After waking up, eating, cleaning, doing some … Continue reading

i got up.

Tuesday was a BIG day for me… in more ways than one. It was a big day personally, physically, spiritually, academically; you name it and it was scheduled to happen to me on Tuesday. I won’t go into the details in order to spare you all from confusion and to keep myself from falling into … Continue reading

I think my thoughts drive me.

Finally. I finally woke up and ran before class. I attribute some of the motivation to watching the Biggest Loser last night and the rest i attribute to the fact that I got less sleep than i wanted to and did NOT want to be super tired and cranky alllllllllll day. ¬†Hence, I decided to … Continue reading

i am my own WebMD

It is good to be back. In high school, i was super prone to migraines and by super prone, i mean i would get them twice a month without fail. Every time i had one, I felt like i was dying. That might be a little bit of an over statement, but that’s what it … Continue reading

there to here

I am pretty sure that Im supposed to be doing my Spanish homework right now, but I thought Id bust out a quick post about something that was in my dream– someone told me that i looked thinner. quick¬†background to catch you guys up: My lovely older sister Mayra aka Mai (also on this blog) … Continue reading