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Whey-ing My Protein Options (Ha!)

I wrote this post last week and forgot to post it- woops- so here it is: Intuitively, I am doubting my RMR. I don’t know why, but I just feel like something went wrong. I know, SHUT UP ABOUT MY FUCKING RMR ALREADY. But no.
 How am I burning almost double the amount of a … Continue reading

“I’m so gonna own you.”

I have like 2 minutes before I have to leave for work, but it suddenly occurred to me: I haven’t eaten meat (in America) in two months! I am damn proud of myself. The weird thing about deciding not to eat meat is that it’s not like a diet or some sort of restriction. I … Continue reading

I’m an Idiot… Whey Protein.

I. Am. An. Idiot.   Why did it not even occur to me that Whey protein comes from milk? I’m actually pretty upset with myself and disappointed in my lack of knowledge about something that I’ve been ingesting for about a month now. Not to mention I spent a good buck on my container. I … Continue reading

Take My Own Advice

On paper, I have a pretty open schedule with lots of free time. In reality? Not so much. I’m doing a good job of being as productive as possible: I cook all of my meals (or most of them) for the week on any given day when I have enough time to have four burner … Continue reading

Turkey & Bacon

I’m not even going to try and hide it. I went to Panera last night, and ordered a Panini…it had not only turkey on it, but bacon. But you know what? I didn’t even enjoy it. It honestly didn’t even taste good and I didn’t finish it. Within 20 minutes of eating it, I felt … Continue reading

Sugar Addiction

I’ve never had a sweet tooth. And by never, I mean never. I can remember going with my sister and grandparents to visit my cousins who lived about on hour away. Every Wednesday, we would  pack up the car, head to their house, and somewhere midpoint, my grandpa would stop at a Dunkin Donuts for … Continue reading

Hello Again!

Oh my goodness! Well, I survived Europe! It was exhausting, exciting, and definitely a trip I’ll never forget. Australia still remains to be the time of my life though! Being so far removed from my daily routines makes it tricky to keep track of how much exercise I’m getting and the amount of food I’m … Continue reading