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Growing Pains

Ever get a vacation and then need a vacation from your vacation? Yeah, that. But then you know that you have so much to do, that if you actually got the time off- you’d just be busy catching up on stuff that you haven’t been able to do because you’re always so busy…yeah, THAT. Such … Continue reading

Get Lucky 7K.

What an odd race distance a 7k is. At least for me. Yesterday, my mom, dad and I set out early and caught the train to downtown Chicago. ┬áIt was so nice outside, especially by the lake. The sun was hot but the breeze was cool so I was ready to take this race head … Continue reading

That time I tried Bikram Yoga

Holy Cow. I’ve been feeling a little lopsided in my workouts lately. Lift. Run. Possible an interval workout on the elliptical. Repeat. I wasn’t getting bored, I just knew I wasn’t really doing my body any favors by not changing it up. Fine. 25$ for an unlimited pass for 2 weeks for Bikram Yoga. I … Continue reading

1,368 hours.

New layout over here! Thanks to Yessenia! I am computer challenged so all I can really do is type- which, if you have noticed, hasn’t even been happening because I haven’t posted in forever. Besides school (which is handing it to me right now) and work (which I don’t even want to talk about) sometimes … Continue reading