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Turkey & Bacon

I’m not even going to try and hide it. I went to Panera last night, and ordered a Panini…it had not only turkey on it, but bacon. But you know what? I didn’t even enjoy it. It honestly didn’t even taste good and I didn’t finish it. Within 20 minutes of eating it, I felt … Continue reading

Out of Shape.

Yikes! I mentioned the other day that I was excited to get back into the weight room. I started following Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer (sort of…but more on that later) which I thought was going to be a breeze- mostly because phase 1 is meant to “build muscular endurance.” Build muscular endurance? Ha! Or … Continue reading

Break Running Goals

I’ll skip the apology for being gone so long only because I’ve been super busy and thats not something I am sorry about. In fact, thats what I’ve been learning this past semester. I’ve been learning that there are some things that are out of my control and blaming myself is not going to get me anywhere. If anything, it’ll get me into … Continue reading

Random Thoughts & Happiness

I was going to run outside a bunch of times when I got home for break, remember? It’s frighteningly windy outside. My mom has a bunch of wind chimes hanging by the back door and they are going insane… Lucky for me, I have a treadmill in the living room that is looking a lot better than … Continue reading

National Eating Holiday + new goals

Tonight didn’t end up with me elbow deep in a popcorn bag or at the bottom of a wine bottle, which is bittersweet, because I love my wine. I worked tonight at the Champaign Park District and had to drop off Melissa’s keys. It’s her birthday today so I sat around chatting with her and … Continue reading


Sometimes life overwhelms you and lose track of your goals, you know? It happens. But I’m trying to re-focus and get everything back on track. Before you know it, you’ve finished a bottle of wine and an entire bag of popcorn, it’s almost midnight, and not only are you exhausted, but you feel like shit. … Continue reading

November Goals

Well, somehow, another month has come and gone. I just looked back at my goals for October, and although I didn’t really do all of the things I said I would, October was a pretty good month over all, not just focusing on the fitness and eating-right components. The first weekend of October opened with … Continue reading

Hyperventilatory Breast Strokes.

(swimming. get your mind out of the gutter ;)) I love fall! I wish Chicago looked remotely this beautiful in fall, but it doesn’t =( October is definitely one of my favorite months. I literally feel like I just wrote my goals for September! And since October is this weekend (what?!) that means it’s time … Continue reading